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Hate-speech is a serious social problem in Japan.


“Kill both good Koreans and bad Koreans!”

“Let’s exterminate all Zainichi ethnic Koreans!”

“Comfort women are liars!”


These are only a part of the kinds of comments that were made during a xenophobic demonstration held in the streets of Tokyo, Osaka, etc. Hideous and dangerous xenophobic activities that agitate publicly for murder and genocide of Koreans are carried out continuously across Japan. What is more, demonstrations are tolerated and protected by police. These actions are nothing but the abuse of the “freedom of speech.”


Ultra nationalist and xenophobic movements have increased in the late 2000s. These movements are largely ignored by the Japanese national and municipal governments, and as a result, have steadily grown in popularity. In 2007, Zaitokukai, a racist group that targets ethnic Koreans, was established. They caused a number of violent incidences, including a raid on a Filipino family in Warabi, Saitama Prefecture and Tokyo Korean 1st Elementary School in 2009. In 2012, they persecuted people in Korea town in Okubo, Tokyo and Tsuruhashi, Osaka.


These Japanese Nationalist movements including hate-speech reveal that discrimination in Japan has no limits and that racism in Japan has reached a level of crisis.